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The Grand Opening of the Polish Armoire: Konad Stamping over Jordana Pearl

You may be asking, what is the Polish Armoire? Is it a blog about what Polish people have in their wardrobes? Is it about a nail polish full of wardrobe? Err I mean is it about a wardrobe full of nail polish? Well I hope the below photo clears up any confusion you may have!

Konad stamping over Jordana Pearl using plates m14, m45 and m48.

I don’t quite have a wardrobe full of nail polish… oh who am I kidding, I don’t have anywhere near a wardrobe full of nail polish (unless you live in a doll house in which case I have more than 200 wardrobes full of nail polish). I guess the name Polish Armoire stems from a fantasy – imagine having a walk-in wardrobe filled not with clothes, but with nail polish! (Let’s stealthily ignore the fact that walk-in armoires technically do not exist – except in Narnia)

Update: After searching the great land of Google for walk-in armoires I have discovered that they DO exist!

But I digress. You probably want to find out how I created the above mani (also known as my favourite stamping creation to date). I created this back when I had first discovered the existence of nail stamping and had bought a bunch of konad plates. I couldn’t decide on which design to use when I thought: why not do a skittle stamping design?

Sidenote: I have since discovered that “skittle-mania” is very common when a person has a plethora of new polish or stamping options and is faced with the dilemma of choice. It is quite an amusing phenomenon to observe.

Polishes/Stamping Plates Used:

Base Polish:
Jordana Pearl – sheer light pink (silver shimmer), 1 coat, 3-free

Stamping Polish:
Konad Special Nail Polish in Blue, White, and Red – bonus points for guessing the country flag the order of these colours represent!

Konad Stamping Plates:
Thumb: m48 (cherries)
Index: m48 (playing cards), m3 (hearts and stars)
Middle: m14 (lollipop and cupcakes)
Ring: m14 (american flag star and twinkling stars)
Pinky: m45 (american flag tip)

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4 thoughts on “The Grand Opening of the Polish Armoire: Konad Stamping over Jordana Pearl

    • Thank you Neilanie! Haha yeah, it was my first time stamping so I didn’t realise how long it would take. By the time I realised, it was too late to go back as I’d invested too much time in it šŸ˜› I also love the name of your blog, I think that I’d probably work for polish!

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