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Literary Lacquers – Love-In-Idleness

Literary Lacquers - Love-In-Idleness

I bought this polish when a fellow NZ blogger, Michaela (Nail Polish Anon) was de-stashing some of her polishes. It is a light purple jelly with purple shimmer and iridescent and purple glitters of many shapes and sizes. My favourite glitters in this would be the colour-shifting micro bars and the iridescent squares. I love how magical it looks and it reminds me of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

This is the large hex version of Literary Lacquer Love-in-idleness (the current bottles of this being sold do not contain the large purple hexes due to curling issues). Out of the three large hexes that I had on my right hand, only one on my index finger was slightly curled so they seem to make up a minority in my bottle.

I used 2-3 coats for opacity and loved the formula. It was thick enough to easily position the polish where you wanted it but thin enough to easily apply the polish. No chance of cuticle pooling with this one! What I did find interesting was that I normally swipe off polish from one side of the brush after each dip into the bottle for every nail but with this polish, doing that meant that there wasn’t enough polish for one nail. It was thus a straight dip in and out to apply the polish for each nail.

The large hexes randomly came out with each dip into the bottle, sometimes there were none, sometimes one, and sometimes three! The large hexes do require a bit of fiddling if you care about their placement on the nail. Love-In-Idleness also dried a bit bumpy and was scratchy on the tips of some nails so I’d recommend top coating it to shiny up the finish and smooth it out. You may also need to file smooth the tips of your nails or alternatively gently push the glitter off the edge and back onto the nail while the polish is still drying.

The shrinkage you see in the photo was unfortunately because of the Seche Vite I used as a top coat – it is due for some thinner. I also used Essie Protein Base Coat which helped to slightly hide VNL (visible nail line) due to its sheer milky white colour.

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