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Picture Polish – Cosmos

Picture Polish Cosmos

I was a bit skeptical about the hype around Cosmos when it first came out but it has most definitely lived up to its reputation. Cosmos by Picture Polish is a navy blue jelly with small holographic flakes. It has a lovely formula which is opaque in two coats.

Top coat doesn’t dull the holo effect of the polish but it does dull the visibility of the lighter silver holo flake particles resulting in a less obvious “speckled flakie shimmer” effect. Because of this, I personally prefer it without top coat in order to get a nicer shimmer particle effect. In my swatch photos, only my ring finger has top coat on and you can see the difference for yourself.

I had a hard time capturing the holo-ness of this polish under the bulb (see above) and was only able to capture it under sunlight. Under normal room lighting, the polish becomes a much darker navy blue as can be seen in the last photo.

Picture Polish Cosmos

Picture Polish Cosmos

Picture Polish Cosmos

While I was wearing this polish, I kept randomly gazing at my nails at various points in my day when I should have instead been concentrating on other things. This polish is definitely not leaving my stash, and it is my favourite navy blue polish in my collection. If you want to view even more amazing photos of Cosmos, I recommend that you head over to The Swatchaholic’s post on Picture Polish Cosmos which was what convinced me that I NEEDED Cosmos. All in all, I am very glad to have Cosmos in my stash.

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