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Cling Wrap Sponge Gradient Mani

Cling Wrap Sponge Blue Gold Pink Orange Gradient Mani

I was initially going for the saran wrap look but hadn’t realised that the cling wrap was supposed to take the top layer of wet polish off your nails as opposed to using the cling wrap like a sponge to apply the polish. I like how my nails turned out in the end though and I thought that the glad wrap worked quite well as a sponge. Here’s what my workstation looked like, I was watching “Girls” in the background.

Sally Hansen Magenta Moves - LA Colors Color Craze Sea Foam NP504 - Revlon Golden Charm

1. Dab one or more different coloured blobs of polish onto some newspaper
2. Sponge the blobs with a rolled up piece of cling wrap
3. Sponge clean areas of the newspaper with the cling wrap to get rid of the excess polish
4. Sponge polish onto nails using the cling wrap
5. Repeat steps 1-4 until satisfied with how it looks
6. Clean up skin around nails using remover and cotton buds or a small brush

Cling Wrap Sponge Orange Gold Blue Pink Gradient Mani

Polishes used:
Essie Protein Base Coat
China Glaze – Life Preserver (dark orange creme)
Sally Hansen – Magenta Moves (fuchsia pink creme)
LA Colors Color Craze – Sea Foam [NP504] (minty-turqoise creme)
Revlon – Golden Charm (gold metallic foil)
Poshe Topcoat (quick drying topcoat)

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4 thoughts on “Cling Wrap Sponge Gradient Mani

  1. Hmm. It looks like you used the gold foil as your base. If so, that might be the issue – I’ve found sponging and saran wrap manicures to be a lot harder to do on them. The polish just doesn’t want to stick.

    That said – whatever this technique is called, I really like the result! It reminds me of paint on an easel.

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