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Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces and Simplicity

Emily De Molly Comic Forces Simplicity Square Circle Stud

The last PANZ mani ended up having to also fulfil the following week’s glitter gradient theme. This week’s PANZ mani also happens to double for the next two themes which were Jelly and Copycat. I used Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces, a dark purple jelly polish which contains purple holo dot and hex glitter as well as pink dot glitter. For the accent nail I used Emily de Molly Simplicity which is a light lavender crelly polish with various sized white hex glitter. Both polishes require 2-3 layers for full opacity depending on the thickness of the coats. Cosmic Forces is a galaxy in a bottle and reminds me of the image below which I found on deviantART.

The Dawn of Space

You may be asking, so how is this a copycat mani? While this isn’t strictly a copycat mani, I was inspired by Accio Lacquer’s stud nails as well as her tips on shaping and cutting studs to fit your nail. I initially started off placing studs on my ring finger with the intention of creating a sword but decided to leave that for a future mani instead. The 3mm circle and square studs were purchased from eBay. I’ve also taken some photos of Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces swatched on its own. I love how the large holo circle glitters show every colour of the rainbow.

Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces

I used a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food to smooth out Cosmic Forces before adding a coat of Poshe top coat for shine. I found that two coats of Poshe also worked. This is because the large holo circle glitter in Cosmic Forces is slightly curled so with only one coat of Poshe you can feel the mini craters on the nail which are caused by the curled glitter. Cosmic Forces also needs to be set upside down for a while to get the large circle glitters onto the brush. I  did the same for Simplicity as I preferred more white glitter to come out with each brush stroke.

Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces Holographic

If you aren’t yet a fan of the Poish Armoire Facebook page head over and add it to one of your interest lists so that you can also keep up to date with my nail hauls which I don’t post here. My next PANZ mani will also feature Totoro which I am quite excited about so be on the look out for that in the near future.

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