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Nail Water Decal Tutorial and Ebalay Glitter Polish

Ebalay Glitter - Mode Tatt-Tastic - Color Club Nomadic in NudeI was recently sent two products by KKCenterHK for review purposes. They’ve also given me a coupon code to share with my readers, simply enter the code polisharmoire and receive 10% off until the end of January, 2014! The products sent were a bottle of EBALAY Sweet Pink Shiny Glitter Nail Polish (item # EBALAY-J024) and a sheet of N.NAIL Elegance Lilac Rose Nail Water Decals (item #NNAIL-WDHHG122). The EBALAY polish (# 024) contains a mix of satin white and pink hexes with white microbar glitter and a sprinkling of opalescent colour-shifting purple-blue-green miroglitter in a clear base. This polish smells like the KleanColor glitter polishes and I used one dabbed coat to achieve the above effect.

Ebalay Pink White Hex Bar Glitter Polish

I also used two of the blue rose water decals in the small and medium size. There are two rows of roses in three sizes and two rows of the phrase “Elegance Lady” which you can see faintly in the top right corner of the photo below. I’ve included my ring finger in the photo to give you an idea of the relative size of the decals.

Elegance Lilac Rose Nail Water DecalsThis was my first time using water decals so I’m pretty proud of the result! Definitely an easy way to spruce up a manicure. Here are the steps if you’ve never applied water decals before:

  1. Paint your nails with a base colour and wait for the nail polish to dry
  2. Cut out the decal you want (it doesn’t have to be neat as long as you don’t cut through the actual decal!)
  3. Put the decal in some water for around 15 seconds
  4. Slide the decal carefully off the background paper and place it on the desired place on your nail. You won’t be able to move it around much once it’s on the nail so be careful when you place it!
  5. While the decal is still wet, gently press on it to smooth out any wrinkles that may start to form as it dries
  6. When the decal is dry, seal it with topcoat

The base colours I’ve used are Color Club Nomadic in Nude (a light tan beige creme polish that’s opaque in 2-3 coats) and Mode Tatt-Tastic (a dark dusty blue creme polish that’s a glossy opaque one-coater). I free-handed Tatt-Tastic onto the tip of my index finger using the polish brush. I found that Nomadic in Nude didn’t self-level very well but a coat of Poshe on top made it nice and smooth. It’s a unique colour in my collection which is why it’s staying despite its formula.

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