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Glitter Bunny Don’t Be A Guppy

Milani Totally Cool 119

I am in love with this mani! The blue glitter in Glitter Bunny Don’t Be A Guppy really pops against the deep plum base. The purple shimmer in the background is also a gorgeous accompanient to the blue glitter. My camera wasn’t able to fully capture the holo-ness of the small glitter in Don’t Be A Guppy but it’s there!

Nubar Purple Rain Glitter G152

Milani Totally Cool is opaque in 5-6 coats by itself so I recommend layering it over a matching dark purple base. I have one dabbed coat of Don’t Be Such A Guppy on all the nails and 3-4 coats of Nubar Purple Glitter Rain on all my nails except for the ring finger. I wish I had used Milani Totally Cool on all the nails instead of just the ring finger because it is much more shimmery than the Nubar!

Glitter Bunny Dont Be Such A Guppy

Polishes used:
Glitter Bunny Don’t Be A Guppy (blue glitter topper with various-sized hex and medium square glitter)
Milani Totally Cool (multi-coloured purple/blue/orange shimmer in a sheer purple jelly polish)
Nubar Purple Glitter Rain (sparse multi-coloured purple/blue/orange shimmer in a blackened plum jelly base)

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3 thoughts on “Glitter Bunny Don’t Be A Guppy

  1. Wow you did a great job , ‘i love this indie brand ,
    They have some unique polishes to choose from ..
    the owner is such a nice person too.
    I liked the way you reviewed THAT POLISH !!! surely “DONT BE SUCH A GUPPY” is gonna be in my wish list .
    I hope you would like to check out I too did a review of three of her polishes her..
    getting added to your blog !!! hope to see you on my blog too.. waiting to see more from you ..

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