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Femme Fatale Cinders of Sleep and Lunar Halo

Femme Fatale Cinders of Sleep Lunar Halo

Today I’m going to review the last two Femme Fatale nail polishes that I received for review. You can view the bottle shots of the polishes featured today in my previous Femme Fatale post on Burning Blossom and Pools of Vision.

Femme Fatale Cinders of Sleep China Glaze Sea Spray

I applied one dabbed coat of Femme Fatale Cinders of Sleep over two coats of China Glaze Sea Spray for the above look. I absolutely love the glitter combination in Cinders of Sleep and it contains an assortment of various sized glitter in pink, gold, white, pastel yellow, silver and black with the shapes varying from dots and hexes to stars and hearts in a clear base. It also has a fine pink shimmer in it to give it that a little bit extra oomph. China Glaze Sea Spray is a light baby blue creme polish with a very subtle silver shimmer. Removal was easy peasy as I had used a DIY peel-off tacky glue base which I recently wrote a detailed FAQ about.

Femme Fatale Lunar Halo OPI Done Out In Deco

I chose to layer 1-3 coats of Femme Fatale Lunar Halo over two coats of OPI Done Out In Deco, a purple creme. The pinky has one coat of Lunar Halo, the ring has two coats, and the middle finger has three coats. Lunar Halo is a sheer shimmery beige polish packed with iridescent blue and green shimmer and glitter along with a sprinkling of silver glitter. I decided to layer it over a constrasting colour and my photos don’t truly capture how magical Lunar Halo looks layered as it gives an etheral green shimmer with a beautiful blue-green opalescent glitter effect. As you can see when comparing my layered nails to my non-layered index nail, layering Lunar Halo over another colour changes the base colour. I can assure you however that it transforms your mani into a gorgeous layered creation.

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