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Neon Rainbow Nail Art

Model's Own Turquoise Gloss Beach Bag

I was recently sent two Model’s Own polishes and a pack of rainbow micro-nib nail art pens by Boohoo to create a nail art tutorial with. Model’s Own Turquoise Gloss is from their HyperGel range and is a bright blue toned green creme polish that’s opaque in one coat. Model’s Own Beach Bag is a neon salmon pink creme polish that is opaque in one and a half coats. Turquoise Gloss has a glossier finish than Beach Bag and also has a thicker texture.

The nail art pens have a micro-nib on the top half of the cap and a normal sized brush inside the bottle so that you can use it to paint your nails as well as do detail work. I decided to use the micro-nib pens to draw some geometric corners on my middle and ring fingers. The trick is to try and keep the lines parallel by using a steady hand and constant light pressure on the nail art pen so that the polish comes out of the micro-nib in a steady line. It also helps to apply small dots of polish where the four corners will be to mark where you should start drawing.

Model's Own Turquoise Gloss Beach Bag NPW Nail PensOn my index and pinky fingers I used the micro-nib to create a pattern of rainbow dots over one coat of Cult Nails Tempest, a white creme polish. On the index finger I started from the left side and worked my way up to the top right corner. I tried to keep the spacing between the start of the lines on the left side even in order to create a ray effect. On my pinky I dotted from the centre outwards to create rows of arrows.

With the nail art pens it’s best to wait as long as possible before applying a topcoat as it smudges easily. A thick topcoat is best and the less strokes the better! Overall I quite liked the nail art pens as they were essentially a a self-inking dotting tool. They weren’t perfect however as the polish would sometimes come out with air bubbles though it did its job well the majority of the time. You can purchase the Model’s Own polishes here and I’m hoping that they’ll have the nail art pens in stock soon!

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