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Ciate Chalkboard Geometric Nail Art & Review

Ciate Chalkboard Geometric Triangle Nail Art

I received the Ciate Chalkboard Nail Art set for my birthday and I love the designs it inspired me to create. The set comes with one matte clear top coat and one matte “chalkboard” black polish as well as four different coloured paint pens. The pens have a felt tip which you push onto a hard service to release the ink and the fluid is similar to twink in both texture and smell.

Ciate Chalkboard Set UnboxThe pens draw very thick lines and sometimes too much liquid would come out causing a puddle so it’s always best to test the flow on a piece of paper first before drawing the design onto your nails. To make lines thinner I would use a nail on my other hand to narrow and straighten up the line. You could probably also do this with a toothpick – just make sure the base polish is dry enough! To avoid smudging the design when applying top coat, wait a decent amount of time before applying and try to float the top coat over the nail. I decided to go for a triangle inspired design on my right hand while on my left I started with crosses and let my imagination go from there.

Ciate Chalkboard Nails Cross Nail Art

Overall I would say that these pens are not for the nail art beginner as they are a bit fiddly and you definitely need patience to create intricate nail art with these pens. However, these pens are great for any nail art design which requires consistently thick, straight lines.

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